About Licensing of unscheduled "non-linear" audio or video broadcasting services

License to Distribute Audiovisual Content Using Video on Demand 1 - SVOD, AVOD, TVOD, OTT Services and Applications), or via a Platform; This allows the beneficiary to select audio and visual content and watch it at any time of their choosing, not at a scheduled broadcast time that is linked to servers inside or outside the Kingdom. 2- Multi-Channel Networks: (MCN): The digital channels that operate under video platforms, such as YouTube, and have a presence inside the Kingdom.

The name of the activity in the Ministry of Commerce

Licensing of unscheduled "non-linear" audio or video broadcasting services

: Target group


immediately execution time
0User users number
2000 Riyal Service fee

Rating :

Information about the service

  • The license applicant must commit that all applications and programs used to provide the Video On Demand (VOD) service are authorized and registered according to the regulations in the Kingdom
  • with a list of applications being submitted to the Commission.
  • 602032
  • A commercial register corresponding to the activity
  • the company’s articles of incorporation if the application is submitted by a company
  • National ID for Saudis/passport for non-Saudis
  • Log in to the e-services portal
  • choose a service (licensing unscheduled “non-linear” audio-visual broadcasting services)
  • complete the required data.
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