About VoIP Audiovisual Content Distribution Platform License

This license is granted to operate a cable and television distribution platform, using Internet Protocol, that is capable of providing audio and video content through servers, coaxial cables, and fiber optic cables, including broadcasting using IP networks. Closed, such as (cable service) for the benefit of beneficiaries, aiming to deliver the content of its activity to its own distribution points.

The name of the activity in the Ministry of Commerce

VoIP Audiovisual Content Distribution Platform License

: Target group


14 Days execution time
0User users number
50,000 Riyal Service fee

Rating :

Information about the service

  • Submit a certificate of application of all information security standards for the station servers
  • as approved by the Authority. Provide the Authority with a list of services
  • packages and prices To subscribe to it
  • the license applicant must commit that all applications and programs used in distributing audio-visual content via the Internet Protocol (IPTV) are authorized according to the regulations in the Kingdom
  • with the application approving a list of subscriptions for you to provide you with the services you provide. have found).
  • 602021
  • A commercial register corresponding to the activity
  • the company’s articles of incorporation if the application is submitted by a company
  • National ID for Saudis/passport for non-Saudis
  • log in to the e-services portal
  • choose a service (licensing a platform for distributing audio and visual content over the Internet)
  • complete the required data.
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