About Satellite Distribution Platform License

A license to operate a satellite distribution and management platform, including satellite direct distribution service providers, who use a Conditional Access System (CAS) to broadcast audio and video content.

The name of the activity in the Ministry of Commerce

Satellite Distribution Platform License

: Target group

commercial establishment-Non-Saudi

14 Days execution time
0User users number
50,000 ريال Riyal Service fee

Rating :

Information about the service

  • Provide the authority with a list of channels’ packages and subscription prices
  • that the license applicant undertakes to abide by the regulations and instructions for family control over service users
  • pledge to abide by the controls related to content
  • advertisements and classifications (including the age classification) and instructions issued by the authority
  • pledge - upon the authority’s request - to cut off any broadcasts One of the available channels within the packages immediately and without objection. A pledge to submit a report to the authority every six months
  • or upon the authority’s request
  • the report must include the following: The number of actual subscribers during the last six months
  • and the expected number of subscribers during the next six months
  • a table of packages and channels
  • with a statement of the prices of each
  • the audited financial statements.
  • 602031
  • A commercial record corresponding to the activity
  • the company’s articles of incorporation in the event the application was submitted by a company
  • the national identity card for Saudis/passport for non-Saudis
  • a full explanation of the service to be provided
  • clarification of the visible channels or content of the registered owners for the last 12 months.
  • Log in to the e-services portal
  • choose a service (distribution platform licensing via satellite receivers)
  • complete the required data.
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